May 1, 2010

First of all I want to apologize that this update comes out so late.

My team and I have been in Mexico City for just over 4 weeks now.  For the first 4 weeks we were without one of our team members Douglas who had to go home to Brazil to get a visa.  Me and my team leaders Hannah and Amber left our home at 1230 am last night, and went to get him from the airport.  When we woke up this morning we suprised the rest of the team with him being here. The team is very excited to have him here, he is a powerful man of God, and he also speaks pretty good spanish!

My team lives in a Church called ‘Dios es Amor’ which means God is love.  The people at this church live up to their name.  God’s love is all around. As we try to bless people they just bless us back.  However, I guess that is how the Church truly is supposed to function.  Bless to bless again.

When we first arrived we started to proclaim Gods word over the city.  For the first 72 hrs. we read the bible non-stop in groups of 3 taking 3 hr shifts.  It was an amazing way to proclaim truth over the city, and it was cool to read some of the books that often go ignored in the old testiment.

To be honest a few days on outreach have been pretty tough.  I found that it was really easy to be here in the midst of great culture, and great food, and miss out, or not be engaged for what God is wanting to do.  Its the constant battle of ‘crucifying’ the flesh, and living a life driven by the spirit.  My flesh is so comfortable just having a holiday, but my spirit and soul cry out for the kingdom of God to be released.  God is really challenging me in the area of getting desperate for the people.  I used to go to church and be content with sitting in a pew on Sunday mornings to have my life built in too.  God is calling me to a place where Yes, I’m getting my fill, but he’s calling me to get a heart for my neighbours, the people around me.  Its interesting that as we get a heart for our  neighbour, we personally grow in our relationship with God.  As we hear his voice and act out in obedience thats where being a Christian gets fun you get to see the wonders of God.  God is calling me and you to be Prescene People, people that carry his prescense but allow others to experience it.

One of the areas our team thought God was speaking to us about back in Perth was infliuenceing  the youth.  God spoke to one girl on my team about starting up a cafe.  So we started up a cafe…. The cafe is called ‘El Cuarto Superior’ which means the upper room.  Our church is really traditional and I don’t know if many youth have really encountered God as personal, as an in your face, that just wants to lavish his love upon you.  We started the cafe with the dream to keep Church out, and invite God in.  We want it to be an open place for people to come experience God in a coffee house.  Tonight we are going to incorporate worship, and testimonys at the end of our night, sharing of Gods goodness.

God has been doing amazing things, and we are crying out for more.  Recently we have seen a young man come to Christ named Diego at the cafe, and we saw a lady get healed from severe back pain that she had been suffering with for 5 months!  We also had the chance to pray for her leg, and that got healed as well.  Me and a few teamates had the chance to go into a Catholic school and share a tetimony about what a missionary is and how we are all called to missions.  This was one of the first time Christians were allowed in this school and we believe we will be invited back.

I’m so excited for what God is doing all over.  Yesterday we had a coorperate gathering with all of the YWAM teams in Mexico City.  We went out for 45 minutes of evangelism, and saw 0ver 30 people saved, more then 100 heard the gospel, and healings occured.  God is on the move and its so exciting to be a part of it.  God is challenging me in leadership, fear of man issues, and so much more.

Please pray for the following.

1. More Translators

2. Team Unity

3. Soft hearts for the Mexican People

4. Ablity to clearly hear Gods voice and act out in obedience

5. The Cafe

Thanks for all your support and prayer, know that each victory is for the body of Christ.

In him, Jason Klammer


One Response to “Supdate!”

  1. mom said

    Hey Jason, so good to read your blog and see the answer to our prayers for you and your team. We serve a great God. I am so thankful that Douglas is back as a part of the team. Love you, Mom

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