Mexican Soil.

March 30, 2010

Hey everyone I just wanted to give a quick update and say that after about 40 or so hours of travel I have safely arrive in Mexico City!

I touched down at 4 am and was taken through customs. It was a little hard because the customs guy only spoke broken english, however after a bit of pointing at my cared I made it through.

Me and a few others were taken to a Church not to far from the airport where we got a few hours of sleep.  We soon were back up, and packing up our stuff because the church needed to get going for sunday morning services.  We were planning on just hanging out in the city and recovering a bit, but the pastor really wanted to introduce us to his congregation.  We were told we were going to Church about 10 min before the service started.  No problem though because the service went for 4 hours so we had time to get into it!

We had a translator for us but the pastor didn’t really acknowledge him much and really just continued on with his message so we caught broken sentances here and there over the cheers from the crowd.

After the service we went out for lunch with a man named Juan who is actually a body guard for the President here in Mexico City.  We headed back out to the street for dinner.  We ordered burgers off of a menu in spanish and were excited to see what we actually got because we had no clue what we were ordering.  After dinner the store owner pulled out his mini crocidile from his tank and we got to hold it!

That night I headed out to my region where I will be spending the next 11 weeks!  Our church is amazing… we have a great group of friends already, and most of them speak really good english which is a blessing.

As a team we are trying to read the bible over Mexico City in about 72 hours.  We pair up in 3’s and read for 3 hrs at a time.  The goal is to proclaim truth over the city!  As I sit here and write a team is reading in 2 kings and we are coming up on 24 hrs.

Mexico City is huge! Yesterday me and the Pastor and some of the girls went to Costco and did some shopping for the team.  I was definitely enjoying all the free samples as we went around.  It was really exciting to be in Costco with 2 girls from Australia who had never seen anything so big.  The language barrier has been a bit tough.  At Costco some of the girls were picking up a pizza, when some nice man started  taking our cart to the vehicle for us however he was following the wrong man.  I had to run down after him and tell him my ‘amigo’s’ were still over at the pizza place.

Mexico City is awesome and so are the people.  Every female in the church young and old greats you with a kiss on the cheek even if you don’t know them.  I’m still working on my technique but slowly getting the hang of it.

Thanks for all your prayers and messages.

In Christ, Jason Klammer


Just for fun.

March 7, 2010

Some days I wake up at 545 am and ask myself the question ”Am I really here?”

Am I really on the other side of the world, living in a house with 55 other people, pursuing one amazing God?  Do I really have to go across the road at 6 in the morning to cry out for finances, for an outreach to Mexico City.  Do I really get to go into worship on Monday morning with 30 nations of the world?  Do I really have to eat the same pasta meals pretty much every day?

Then I realize what else would I want to be doing.  What else satisfies as much as chasing after an amazing loving God.  One who doesn’t make me a slave, but includes me in his purposes.  That delights in me, and just loves it when I call out to him.  This is a God that doesn’t want me to know about him in my head, but reveals things to my heart.  Things that I know, that I know because he has told me.

Sometimes I wonder if I really have to stay up and pray from 3-4 am.  Then I look around and see that I get to come into the presence of God with my Indonesian brother, my Australian sister,  my Dutch brother, and my Brazilian brother.  Does it get any better? Is this not what God loves when all the nations gather and lift him up.

God has been doing so much in my life.  He is showing me what actually  matters.  He has taken me on journeys to give up things, but he always provides in return. He has given me opportunity to re-learn some things about him, to get rid of my views of who he is, and look at him in his true nature and character.  He has brought a spirit in my heart that is not comfortable, not willing to be satisfied but push for breakthrough.  He has brought me to the point where I ask myself the question ”What is God worth?” How do I respond to this question? He is calling me to become a true man of God, by worshipping like a child of God.

I’m entering my last month in Perth and still not satisfied.  I know that God wants to outpour so much more into my spirit.  I’m getting excited for what God is doing in Mexico City and what he will continue to do.  I’m excited to live by faith, and pray for the people God wants me to come into contact with.

Thankyou for all the finances and prayer you have provided.  I don’t know where I would be on my journey today without the faithfulness of those that went before me.  The faithfulness of my Oma and Opa’s daily on their knees praying for God to bless me, cover me, and align me for his purposes. To my parents who committed to Godliness as they raised me, who messed up many times, but always had the obedience to fix it.  For the friends that have allowed me to be me around them.  People who are committed to following God and speaking into my life.

May you be blessed in this season, and excited for what God has done, and will do in the very near future.

In Christ, Jason Klammer