Week 7.

February 21, 2010

Week seven was an interesting time filled with challenging circumstances and beautiful breakthrough.  On Tuesday night I have small group with some of the guys on base.  We went out to get bubble tea deep in the heart of China town here in Perth.  One of the guys in our group had never had bubble tea and he ended up spitting out all of the pearls at the bottom of his drink, it was really quite a sight to see.  As we were sitting in this shop all of a sudden firecrackers went off and a whole bunch of drumming started and there was a huge ceremony.  It made small group pretty hard because we were basically shouting at each other.

On Tuesday night I was having quiet time in the park and all of a sudden a homeless Aboriginal man came over and sat beside me on the bench I was sitting on.  He asked me what I was reading and I got to tell him about the bible.  I told him that my group was going to Mexico City to do some outreach and he was excited for that but also sounded a bit offended because he said his people needed so much help right here in Perth.  He came to tears and just asked that I would consider getting to know his people on the streets and really be in relationship with them.  It really spoke to my heart because sometimes I feel that it is hard to love these people.  After our conversation I felt lead to ask him if he needed something to eat.  He said that he had not eaten all day so I offered to buy him a meat pie.  On the way to the gas station we saw his niece and he said she would like one as well.  I got the chance to buy them meat pies and pray for them! His niece Sharon also came to tears and thanked me so much for what I did.  She went on to tell me how she was thinking of committing suicide that night and that she would never forget what I had done for her.  I love how God gives us practical ways to serve people and love them.  There is so much opportunity to be in relationship with people and just bless them.  God has given me multiple opportunities like this in Perth and it has literally been fun to talk to people.  I would encourage you to step out and bless people, they seriously will be so thankful, and you never know how God will use you.

On Wednesday morning one of our students announced he would be leaving our DTS.  He is from Korea and came to Perth 7 months ago to learn English.  He is doing so well but has a hard time understanding a lot of what is being said in lectures.  He has decided to go home to Korea and then hopefully take part in a DTS in Korean.  It’s so sad to see him leave because he is a good friend, but I’m encouraged that he values his relationship with God over staying In a comfortable environment where he is not learning as much as he wants.

Our speaker this week really was talking on how we are called to love people no matter what we feel about them and that they deserve the love Christ has for us.  It was really easy to agree in class, but then the next day something crazy happened.  On Thursday morning we returned to our room and guy’s started to say that some of their stuff was missing.  I glanced over and noticed my laptop was missing.  It was crazy because we literally had been robbed of 7000 dollars of electronics.  Immediately everyone started to pray and just speak love over the criminal.  It was crazy how all of a sudden we had a real world situation where we could act out what we are called to do.

It is so cool that everyone has a peace and really has not been affected by the robbery, other than the loss of stuff.  Sure we miss our stuff but we really are learning what is important in life.  Many of you have already expressed your love through emails and stuff as you have heard of my loss of my laptop.  Thank you so much your prayers are so valued for the team and me.

On Friday night one of our leaders went into the hospital because he was throwing up and having immense stomach pain.  Turns out he has kidney stones.  He is back home now, but I would as you keep my leader Ben in your prayers.

As you can see it was a week of intense testing but we have stood strong.  Seriously when I write out this stuff I feel like I should feel really bad and be depressed.  However God has given us an amazing peace and just an incredible time of application.  Our school is taking strides in what we know about Christ.  We are continuing to get revelation of who God is and just how worthy he is to be praised.

Thank you for all your prayers so far, I would ask you to continue to pray because Satan obviously does not want us to be taking the steps that we are towards God and his heart.

Love Jason


4 Responses to “Week 7.”

  1. Mom said

    So glad to have heard your voice 2 days in a row !! You made my week. Love you. Praying for you and your team.

  2. Jenica said

    Wow! I love that God is totally using you everywhere you go, even in the most casual situations. Its cool that you are getting opportunities to apply everything you are learning.
    Im praying for you.
    Take care,

  3. Geoff said


    Wow – is right! Cool that God is teaching you through your mind, heart, and action man! It was cool that you didn’t start this update with the loss of the robbery – but more with your interaction with the aboriginal man! Nicely done – this is the exact heart of God.

    And I am glad to hear how you guys handled loving those who have stolen from you – this is love in hard places, and this is the exact sort of love Jesus speaks of when he says it is easy to love those who love you – but what is real love is when you love those who hate you and persecute you.

    Awesome dude.

    I am praying for you and your team and your finances for your outreach. I know that God will supply.


  4. Katie said

    Wow this all sounds so amazing! Your faith and trust in God seems to be so deep and growing every week; its so awesome to hear.
    You really seem to be searching for God everywhere and saying Yes to Him and his people.
    When I was in Guatemala in February something Les said was “Where there is fear, there is no faith.” You really seem to be completely relying on faith and driving out all fear by the power of God.
    That peace you have found is definitely from God and I am so excited for you; to see where he has already taken you is a blessing and I can’t even imagine what else he has in store for you.
    Praying for you!

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