February 25, 2010

Jason update

Hey guys so I just wanted to ask for a little bit of help with this next update. Basically my school, and staff still have to raise 80 000 dollars in the next 15 days for our Outreach. Luckily I have all of my finances together, but I’m going to walk with the others and round up the money.

Take a look at the PDF file attached above.

I hope that you are in a place where you are willing and able to give, but if you are not please partner with us in prayer!

The way to donate is on the website here https://www.ywamperth.org.au/007/payonline.asp

Once you send the money to me I will transfer it into the fund for the whole school and be able to bless multiple other students.

The school is Discipleship Training School-Young Peoples

Thanks for all your prayer and support.

In Christ, Jason Klammer


Week 7.

February 21, 2010

Week seven was an interesting time filled with challenging circumstances and beautiful breakthrough.  On Tuesday night I have small group with some of the guys on base.  We went out to get bubble tea deep in the heart of China town here in Perth.  One of the guys in our group had never had bubble tea and he ended up spitting out all of the pearls at the bottom of his drink, it was really quite a sight to see.  As we were sitting in this shop all of a sudden firecrackers went off and a whole bunch of drumming started and there was a huge ceremony.  It made small group pretty hard because we were basically shouting at each other.

On Tuesday night I was having quiet time in the park and all of a sudden a homeless Aboriginal man came over and sat beside me on the bench I was sitting on.  He asked me what I was reading and I got to tell him about the bible.  I told him that my group was going to Mexico City to do some outreach and he was excited for that but also sounded a bit offended because he said his people needed so much help right here in Perth.  He came to tears and just asked that I would consider getting to know his people on the streets and really be in relationship with them.  It really spoke to my heart because sometimes I feel that it is hard to love these people.  After our conversation I felt lead to ask him if he needed something to eat.  He said that he had not eaten all day so I offered to buy him a meat pie.  On the way to the gas station we saw his niece and he said she would like one as well.  I got the chance to buy them meat pies and pray for them! His niece Sharon also came to tears and thanked me so much for what I did.  She went on to tell me how she was thinking of committing suicide that night and that she would never forget what I had done for her.  I love how God gives us practical ways to serve people and love them.  There is so much opportunity to be in relationship with people and just bless them.  God has given me multiple opportunities like this in Perth and it has literally been fun to talk to people.  I would encourage you to step out and bless people, they seriously will be so thankful, and you never know how God will use you.

On Wednesday morning one of our students announced he would be leaving our DTS.  He is from Korea and came to Perth 7 months ago to learn English.  He is doing so well but has a hard time understanding a lot of what is being said in lectures.  He has decided to go home to Korea and then hopefully take part in a DTS in Korean.  It’s so sad to see him leave because he is a good friend, but I’m encouraged that he values his relationship with God over staying In a comfortable environment where he is not learning as much as he wants.

Our speaker this week really was talking on how we are called to love people no matter what we feel about them and that they deserve the love Christ has for us.  It was really easy to agree in class, but then the next day something crazy happened.  On Thursday morning we returned to our room and guy’s started to say that some of their stuff was missing.  I glanced over and noticed my laptop was missing.  It was crazy because we literally had been robbed of 7000 dollars of electronics.  Immediately everyone started to pray and just speak love over the criminal.  It was crazy how all of a sudden we had a real world situation where we could act out what we are called to do.

It is so cool that everyone has a peace and really has not been affected by the robbery, other than the loss of stuff.  Sure we miss our stuff but we really are learning what is important in life.  Many of you have already expressed your love through emails and stuff as you have heard of my loss of my laptop.  Thank you so much your prayers are so valued for the team and me.

On Friday night one of our leaders went into the hospital because he was throwing up and having immense stomach pain.  Turns out he has kidney stones.  He is back home now, but I would as you keep my leader Ben in your prayers.

As you can see it was a week of intense testing but we have stood strong.  Seriously when I write out this stuff I feel like I should feel really bad and be depressed.  However God has given us an amazing peace and just an incredible time of application.  Our school is taking strides in what we know about Christ.  We are continuing to get revelation of who God is and just how worthy he is to be praised.

Thank you for all your prayers so far, I would ask you to continue to pray because Satan obviously does not want us to be taking the steps that we are towards God and his heart.

Love Jason

The month it was.

February 7, 2010

Weeks 3 – 5

February 5, 2010

The past few weeks have been full of adventure.  We started off with a week learning all about Repentance and Forgiveness.  It was a powerful week!  Around YWAM this seems to be the week that everyone talks about.  We really dug into what sin is, and how sin is totally different from temptation.  It was cool to re-learn that we can be tempted by something and not submit to it in sin.  The way we do this is by not acting on our thoughts whether it be continually processing them in our mind, or following them in action.

One thing that really stuck out to me was the aspect of ‘True Repentance.’  I really learned that we can repent, and repent of things but by our own strength we will never move forward in Freedom.  God can help us, and is actually wanting to help us by completely taking away our burden.  The tough part is actually coming to him in humility and admitting we are weak and turning from our sin.

I want to thank everyone who has blessed me  in my  amazing up-bringing.  Mom and Dad by no means are you perfect, but you are such a blessing in my life.  I never have really realized how lucky I’m to have you guys in my life.  One of the things God really reveled to me was that I took that for granite way to much.  I’m so blessed to have such a rich inheritance in the faith!

Basically our week all came down to a 15 hr time of Forgiveness and Repentance.  Yes that says 15 not 1.5 hours.  One by one we got up in front of the class and cried out for forgiveness and help in areas of sin in our lives.  For some people it was the first time they have repented of things that have been kept in the dark for many years.  God totally showed up!  People were broken, but they were totally met by God.  That whole day really bonded our group as we realized that we all have had much of the same struggles, but we all want to move forward in victory and purity.

We also had Loren and Darlene Cunningham come speak to us this past week.  For those of you that don’t know they are the original Founders of YWAM.  They are now into their 70’s but by no means have they lost their spiritual fervour.  I loved to here there stories of faith, and how God has always come through for this organization.  One thing that really struck out to me was how much heavenly treasure they have stored up.  In all their time at YWAM they have never gotten a salary but God has totally provided.  They are so joyful and God is totally all over them.  It really spoke to me that an entire life in missions is possible, and is totally fulfilling.  Your not missing out by being in the mission field you are truly living the call of Jesus!

This past week our topic was on Worship and Intercession.  Once again I was really challenged in not expecting God to give me something out of worship, but to completely saturate him with the blessing and honor he deserves from my worship.  I have realized during my time here at YWAM that worship is not about what we can get but about what we can give.  It seems so cliché but over time the focus shifts from him to me and that is not what worship is.

This week as a base we started Evangelism.  As a base about 350 people descended on a local area of the city.  We started off with a time of worship on the beach, and then street by street groups prayer walked the entire community!  Over this month we will continue to go back and do things like door knocking, and even open air evangelism!  Could you please pray that we come in contact with the right people and that we can truly just share God’s jealous love for them!

If you would be able to pray into these areas that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Strength and Sharpness-  We have many late nights and early mornings and I want to be attentive and alert in class so I don’t miss out on what God is revealing.
  • Finance-  I have been incredibly blessed with finance, but many on my team still need money for lecture fee’s as well as outreach.
  • Mexico City! We will be going to Mexico City on Outreach from April – June and we really want to see the biggest city in the world totally catch fire for Jesus.

This is just a taste of what has been going on in my life.  God has truly been so good and is challenging me in so many ways!  I love you guys, and can’t wait to see you all, but I know this is my time and place for this season of my life.

Be Blessed.

Jason Klammer.