Life Update.

January 7, 2010

Hello All! I just wanted to give a quick update on what has been going on in my life over the past few weeks.

The first few days of my DTS (Discipleship Training School) were spent learning names, and trying to understand foreign accents from around the world.  At my first day of orientation over 28 nations were represented for all the January schools!  My DTS has 50 students, and 9 incredible staff members!

The base is situated right in the heart of Perth, close to down town, and a few minutes from the beach!  Last weekend we headed up the coast a few hours to go to an incredible beach and do some sand boarding.  Unfortunately this is the closest I will get to sledding this year.  YWAM has the most incredible buses, they are creamsicle orange and have been around for over 25 years! My groups bus decided to break down on our way to the beach.  The next few hours found us stranded on the side of the road playing games and telling stories for a few hours in the heat.

I had an incredible experience this past weekend.  On my way home from Church I sat beside a man reading a book on Buddhism on the bus.  The Lord suddenly prompted something in my spirit telling me to talk to him.  Before I could really act on the thought the man started talking to me and asking me what I was doing In Perth.  Our conversation slowly shifted to YWAM and I began to share a bit about Christ with him.  To make a long story short the man got off at the same bus stop as me and asked if we could get together some time and discuss Christianity.  Later that night me and my friend Arthur had the chance to go into the city with this guy and  talk about God for over 2 hours!

The Lord really is working at the guy’s heart and it was amazing to see how much he learned about Christ! We are still praying that he will come to know the Lord soon!

My lectures have been super good.  The first week was all about hearing God’s voice and the second week was about the ‘Character and Nature of God.‘  The lectures have been really mind provoking and God has been revealing to me so much!

Just want to let you know what I’m doing and know that I miss you all! Praying the lord is teaching you and leading you in 2010

God Bless,

Jason Klammer


3 Responses to “Life Update.”

  1. MO said

    glad to be hearing that man. haha

  2. Logan. said

    Jason. So good to hear this my friend. Thanks for sharing!

    I want to give you props. MAD props. (Youll find out all about this “props” thing when you get back to cow town. Haha) I want to give you MAD props for letting the Lord lead you as you go about your day. I know that sometimes our human natures get the best of us, saying, “No that would be awkward”, or “How could I possibly change this situation”. BUT as your recent experience SCREAMS, God CAN do something. He can take us, and use us to change the the course of history. To share the good news of Jesus Christ, with a city, and nation, a world. So well done my friend, well done.

    Thanks for this update. I am so stoked for what God has taught you, what He is currently teaching you, and what He plans to teach you in the future. Proud of you broseph.

    With Love,

  3. Geoff said

    Hey Jason,

    Good to hear that you are growing. And growing – not only in your knowledge of God, but your desire to obey his Spirit. This is exactly what God wants us to do – to follow His promptings, and when we take the risk – He is always pleased. And I can tell you that God was pleased with this. It may not be like this every time (when someone is really interested), but whether or not someone is open to hearing what you have to say is really beside the point – it is all about just following God.

    I pray this for you more and more, and it is something that I am trying to continue to grow in as a pastor. Can I hear the voice of the Spirit throughout my day? I pray that I am getting more and more sensitive to it as well.

    Great story. I hope you are doing well. Keeping safe, and I will follow the blog if they ever give you time to write there – I am sure it is busy, and I am sure you are meeting a ton of great people who love Jesus. Drink in the experience man – it will be something you look fondly back on for the rest of your life.



    P.S. You will have to tell my kids stories when you come back to pump them up about the experience.

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